Agricultural Consulting

Wally Johnson, President and Founder of Global Ag Services, holds advanced degrees in Agricultural Sciences. For 30 years Wally has worked with over 54 different crops and several livestock operations. He has managed agricultural operations in several different climates including the tropics, deserts, dry land and irrigated agriculture and in South America and in various places in the Orient. Wally's expertise lies in is setting up and staffing large farms or livestock operations as well as the management and equipment needed to operate them.

Temporary / Permanent Agricultural Labor

Global Ag Services has been staffing agricultural research operations and large farming operations on Kauai for over 7 years. Owner, Wally Johnson has 30 yrs experience in staffing and selecting personnel to run large farming and research operations. In addition to sourcing labor from across the United States, our Federal Labor license and ability to facilitate visas for foreign workers allows Global Ag Services to source labor from International sources.